It won’t happen to me, so I won’t take action. – this is a big lie for everybody. You should think that it is better safe than sorry.

If you are on the internet, you should know by now that most of the businesses are getting hacked. Personal information of your customers can be found by hackers and they will ask a lot of money so they won’t cause you more trouble.

What concerns us is how little we care even though we see all the cyberattacks. Talking about numbers, over the last year, 14 million small businesses were hacked. Statistically, your business has 25% chances to be hacked.

But let’s think beyond numbers. Once you’ve been hacked, you will lose reputation and trust. Once you lose your customers’ trust, you may lose your business. And this brings us back to numbers: on average, a business had to pay $3.62 million after it has been hacked.

We recommend you three actions for your business in order to make it one of the most secure options your customers can have.


Don’t try to do hosting on your own, unless you know for sure you can handle it. That means staff and resources dedicated especially for your servers. If not, we recommend you hire a dedicated team to take care of your information 24/7. It is best you choose a provider that offers PaaS ( Platform as a Service). Take note that hosting means both digital and physical security. If you don’t have it yet, you also need an SSL certification. This one is dedicated to end to end encryption.

Your code

It is best if you write your own code or outsource to a company that does that for you. Don’t be that kind of entrepreneur who takes templates and uses them to build a site for the business. This method is quick, but it surely is insecure. Use quality code. Yes, it does exist, as junk code exists also. Your website should be clean, with code that is written and understood by you or the team you hire to do this job for you. If you don’t have a team of developers yourself, we recommend you better outsource.

Be en guarde

Security doesn’t mean some actions you do once and that’s it. You must constantly supervise your business’ online security. Read about the trends or keep in touch with the development company and ask them to keep you updated with new practices, so you can strengthen your protection.  

We don’t want to tell you that if you followed these steps, your business is 100% secure. Nothing is sure in this world. But you and your team should do everything you can to make the business as secure as it can be.

Anybody can have a secure website. And it is the right thing for you and your clients to navigate on a secure domain. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can build a safer place on the internet.