Websites that are mobile responsive are more popular than ever these days, and millions of businesses are transforming their main online presence to act accordingly to their purpose: engagement with the site consumers.

In this article we are looking at some of the main mistakes website owners make that are holding back their connection with the customers and are dragging down with poorly made decisions.

Navigation is hidden from the customer

Let’s say you have the best content on your site, and it is the most optimized for the search engines. It’s your best website, when looking from the content perspective. But something very important is missing from it, and that can make a huge difference. Your navigation system. It’s like going with your ship at sea without a compass, having no direction at all. If the navigation links are hidden in your site, under big chunks of text, and the customer is beginning to feel frustrated in finding them and receiving no help at all in finding them, then you have one customer less, and be assured, there can be so many more that will follow.

Why is navigation important? Because it offers the customers two useful reasons to stay: useful information and also help in navigating the website easily.

Free website builders

We have all heard of these words: “Build your own website easily, within a few minutes”. This slogan is so attractive, but oh, so dangerous to the website owners. There are so many companies that offer easy tools and apps to make your own website, and their number is growing by the day. Sure, they can be useful, but with the passing of time, cracks will appear, in the form of slow loading of the website and even errors that cannot be so easily fixed, even from the coding perspective.

If you want to launch a website that looks good and updates good, premium themes should be taken into consideration. Also, hiring talented developers who can complete various tasks time and cost-effective.

Lack of quality content

Making your website look good is not the only reason customers will flow in to see your content. The quality of the content displayed on the websites should be taken into consideration. Low or lack of quality means less conversions and low engagement. With the help of quality content, people will only have the need of finding what they are looking for and click on what they need to buy/learn etc.

Ignoring essential design elements

Favorable decisions from the customers can be made with essential design elements. If you distract the reader from the content published on the website by ignoring design elements and customizations, it will lead to having a website that makes people go away. You can find the right balance, even if it’s hard work, and it must be done in multiple categories, being photographs, videos, banners and you must not ignore other types of graphics, too.

Not having a responsive design

If you don’t have a responsive design on your website these days, then you are on a losing side. In the present, over 40% of modern searches are conducted on mobile devices. So it is very important to have a website that can be visualized properlu on different screens. Nowadays, it is said that fewer than 17% of the websites are responsive, so if you want to be on the winning side of things, get on the way and develop your online presence to be shown on various displays without errors. Even Google penalizes websites that are not responsive, these days.