If you don’t have a caching plugin yet, well you should consider one, because it is really useful. It saves dynamically generated HTML files and displays them the following time they are needed. This way, it makes your WordPress website run faster.

This means it will help you improve your website and make it rank better in SERP.

To help you, we chose five best caching plugins for WordPress in 2017.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium plugin, but it is really easy to use, coming with a lot of useful features and making the website run faster as easy as it can.

As the highlights of this plugin, we want to mention the cache preloading, HTML, CSS, Java minification and concentration, browser caching. This plugin can also be integrated with CloudFlare.

WOT Cache

This plugin is engineered as to make your website load faster and improve conversion rates. It helps generate more traffic and increase user engagement. WOT Cache assures everything is optimized and it doesn’t take a long time to load.

Beside improving loading time, it also includes all the features including browser caching, HTML, JavaScript and CSS minification, image optimization and it has an option to remove render blocking CSS and JavaScript.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin is free and its main purpose is to enhance the user experience, improving loading time. It has default settings, but you can also gain complete control over its functions and features.

It compresses GZIP, supports CDN and enables your total access over all types of caching, including databases, browser, object and page caching.

WP Super Cache

Is another alternative for a free plugin. It can generate static HTML files out of dynamic WordPress blog and then cache it.

It offers some other functionalities as page compression and dynamic caching, caching for mobile, CDN support and many other features.

WP Fastest Cache

This plugin is comparable to WP Super Cache. It generates static HTML files based on a dynamic WordPress install.

But Fastest Cache is the number one when it comes of which plugin is easier to use. This one is recommended for those who are new to the WordPress world or simply don’t want to spend much time on technical features.

Some of its functionalities are GZIP compression and browser caching and the ability to combine JavaScript and CSS files together, in order to reduce requests from the server.

Closing thoughts

We chose five best caching plugins for WordPress. We recommend you to take in consideration installing one caching plugins for your website, as it is quite simple to make it better for your users and for ranking. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.