When you need a front-end developer, you will look for the best. Even though for those who do not know the industry it may seem a piece of cake, front end development is a big deal. This is the reason this job is not a cheap deal.

The truth i front end development is a lot harder than it seems. You must first try it so you can see it with your eyes that once you’re in the business, the job is more difficult.

Front end development is more complex than it looks like

Not even discussing about the server-side development, it is substantial to agree on the problems that come with working client-side. Front end developers mostly work with HTML and CSS and sometimes they find JavaScript useful. Even though, there are limited resources for eliminating the bugs.

Front end development achievement comes with brilliant performance. Working with more code implies the risk of failing. Not to mention that CSS becomes hard to work with once the website grows.

In this business, developers always have something new to learn, as everything transforms and things get better. New tools add new ways of improving, but they also change the way developers get things done.

And talking about learning – it is hard to keep pace with the changes. No trainer can ever make sure the trainees know everything. So every trainee that joins the workforce must learn by oneself all the time.

Front end is not only about development

Front end is not just about the code. In fact, the code that is written interacts in the end with the consumer. And this is what front end is about. Poor design can stand between the product and the client and the front end developer’s main task is to create the path to online success.

This implies caching, optimizing dns lookup times, deciding the best CSS layout engine and many more.

The front end developer must have a sense of marketing and design too. Knowing the customer, calculating the way the product will be used, and working with nearly impossible graphic designs are also the developer’s duties.

Security is very important for any developer, and front end developers don’t eschew from it.

Front end means making a product compatible with everything

It is the most unfriendly development, because of the compatibility. Once the front end developer finished all the tasks, he or she starts testing the final result on any type of device the human race witnessed: from laptop to mobile, from Internet Explorer to Chrome.

Sticking to browsers, developers have a lot of work to do, as they code for every browser and for every past release, including the previous bugs and limitations. If they don’t do this, the product can’t reach everybody.

Not to mention the mobile market, where the scenarios are almost unlimited: all the models, all their features, all the options available for the user. The developer must make the product functional even though the user disables CSS or JavaScript.

Final thoughts

This is why it is so hard to find front end developers. Because a front end developer has many jobs and must to them all with shapeliness. Beside the hard skills, an experienced front end developer is recommended by the acquired soft skills. This is what we do at Team Extension: we make sure every developer is the master of the business.