Looking forward, the mobile industry will grow faster and faster, so if your business has the slightest approach to the mobile programming, you know how hard it is to keep things updated.

In order to get the best people to work with you, here are five things to help you with hiring the best mobile developers:

Know your app

The first thing you should know is your app, not the person or the team who will help you with it. You need to dig a little deeper than the main idea, so start by answering as many questions.

  • What is the main platform you want to use? (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, two of them, all of them)
  • Do you want a hybrid app, do you want it native or should it be cross-platform?
  • Do you also need a UX-UI developer?
  • How complex will your app be? Do you want a basic app or do you want several features?
  • Will your app use a specific technology?
  • Do you also need a backend for your app?

When you know the answers, you can go to the next step. However, if you just begin with your mobile app, maybe it is better to talk with a skilled professional who can help you sort these things out.

Plan out the technology stack and team structure

Now you have your app project, so it is time to look into the skills your developers should have. If you need an iOS app, look for somebody who knows Swift or Objective-C, or if you need a hybrid app, hire a team who knows more JavaScript frameworks, as well as some useful frontend languages as CSS and HTML.

This is the step where you also decide de specific team roles because in some cases just a frontend developer is not enough. Decide now if you also need a UX/UI developer and a backend developer.

Define proficiency level

Most people tend to choose seniors and forget to look at the complexity of their project. If your app will be simple and you won’t be needing a senior, there is no need to spend money you can invest somewhere else.

If you only want basic functionalities like a calendar or some components to be moved, renamed and deleted, a junior will do just fine. In case your app will have some complex components, it uses 3D technology, the user’s gyroscope, or real-time messaging, then it is legit to work with a senior developer.

Scrutinize past projects and industry experience

For developers, their portfolio is what recommends them. So before deciding who you should hire, look at their past work, already developed apps and demos.

Look for a flexible developer. A developer who sticks to one tool or one method may give the impression of professionalism, but what you’re really looking for is a developer who knows how to solve things creatively. The developer who will get the best out of your app is the one who will look into the right technologies – so he or she should know that technology already and should have used it for previous projects.

Also, it is better to hire a developer who worked for similar businesses as yours, or if they don’t, make sure he or she will learn quickly.

Mind the soft skills defined by your development methodology

Before starting the development, you will define a schedule and a structure, but don’t skip the development methodology.

Developers communicate a lot, with both co-workers and clients, so you need to make sure your chosen ones will feel ok to communicate with you.

Closing thoughts

No matter if you want a team of developers or only one developer, if you want to outsource or to have an in-house team when it comes to developing a mobile app, you should seek professionalism, flexibility, and creativity.

If you need to discuss your app project with somebody with great expertise, give us a sign and let’s find the best developers for your business!