Now that you’re here, you probably already know about outsourcing and managed services and you got a hint of what they mean. For starters, Team Extension is an outsourcing company. Both outsourcing and managed services mean you let a third party company manage your IT projects.

What you may not know yet, there are differences between these two concepts and you should know them before choosing the best option for your enterprise. Want to know all about it? Read more about how we’re doing things at Team Extension and how other managing services companies can help you.

So what is the difference between these services?

Outsourcing has the same capacities as the managed services, but all the IT-related tasks are moved to the outsourcing company. You stay in touch with one person from the outsourcing company that will make sure everything happens as you need. Basically, that person is the connector between your business and the outsourcing team.

The managed service provider is different because it doesn’t take full responsibility. What an MSP does is to help you with the tasks your team can’t do because you don’t have the resources (time, devices, knowledge etc.). The MSP team works together with your team to get the best outcome.

What can these services offer your businesses

First, you should think about what your needs are. Here are some of the main aspects of both outsourcing and MSP. You should choose depending on the complexity of your tasks.

You own more expertise

Because you choose a trained team or person, you get the best knowledge that’s out there. Here, outsourcing has a big plus, as you hire an entire team.

You save money

Using a third party resource means you don’t have to deal with everything that involves hiring people, paying salaries, insurances, vacations etc. When you go for outsourcing or MSP, you pay a monthly fee (or a price for the entire project) and that is it.

Here is how outsourcing can save you money.

You get an experienced team

When you use your own team, they only know what’s in your yard. But outsourcing the problems to another team means you get some solutions that maybe your in-house team never thought of. And this happens because they have seen a lot (if not everything).

You get protection

The outsourcing companies are always en garde. Both outsourcing and managed services providers have special monitoring services that will fix all the problems you have. More than that, they will keep an eye on what is happening in order to keep your daily work undisturbed.

You’ll stay in the loop

There is a big cost if you want to stay up to date with all the technologies. The MSP tells you when it’s time to make an update, but an outsourcing company can provide those technologies for the fee you pay. When you need new versions for your software, they will tell you, but mostly, you take advantage of the newest technologies without paying the full price.

Closing thoughts

Outsourcing and managed services have the same core, but the first one is better for full projects deployment, while the latter is useful when you need an extra hand. Want to know more about these type of services? Give us a sign! Here, at Team Extension, we can provide you with great outsourcing services for a fair price.