Tucked away in the west of the country, Timisoara is the latest Romanian city to become noticed as an outsourcing destination for software development.

Colliers International looked at 600,000 employees in the software development industry across Central and Eastern Europe. Romania is home to more than 100,000.

Romania is Europe’s leading country for qualified IT specialists, and it is ranked 6th in the world. When it comes to outsourcing destinations, Romania is still up there with the best. The country is rated third in Europe as an outsourcing destination and 13th globally.

There has been a massive increase in the demand for specialists in this field. There are officially 60,000 people employed in the outsourcing industry. This figure is set to rise by between 15-20% within the next 12 months.

The study from Business Review showed that the main IT hubs in Romania are in the capital, Bucharest, Cluj and now Timisoara. As IT companies grow and expand into new cities across the country, Brasov, Iasi, and Craiova have also registered on increase in the IT field.

Many companies now are starting to feel that Bucharest is no longer the best option for IT companies. Timisoara has stolen a great deal of the limelight, attracting great interest in outsourcing. Its specialists, the quality of the work, and the value for money are competing with major IT cities worldwide.

Why decide to outsource to Timisoara?

The city is very much pro-Western Europe. While this is nothing new, it is becoming more and more multi-cultural. Timisoara also has a habit of setting trends for the rest of Romania. It made MECIPT, the first Romanian alphanumeric computer.

The city’s GDP is higher than the average for the country. Normally, only Bucharest is the city with a higher annual GDP. The chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Timisoara (CCIAT) expect huge economic achievements in areas like manufacturing, IT, construction, retail, services, and agriculture.

Here are just a few of the other reasons you should consider Timisoara as your preferred outsourcing destination:

  • Timisoara is critical in Romania’s IT education. It has a significant number of top-level technical colleges and universities.
  • As a technology hub, Timisoara is booming.
  • You can easily fly from Timisoara to numerous major European cities. It is also close to Western Europe and North America, which makes it perfect for working in multiple time zones.
  • They have a large talent pool of highly skilled IT experts who are also excellent communicators. They study foreign languages and have a good understanding of project management.
  • They have a long history in the IT and automotive industries.
  • Their software outsourcing companies have over 16 years of experience in this area.

When looking at full-stack developers in Timisoara, 98% speak English, a large number are also fluent in German, French, Spanish, and Hungarian.

The service sector in Timisoara is very appealing for investors and this development is seen within the IT sector. The IT sector is thriving right now. Local IT specialists are highly qualified and working for companies that remain focused on technology and innovation.