If there is one thing, we have learnt from COVID-19 is that if businesses are going to survive and thrive, digital transformation is crucial. It is more than likely that the majority of companies had begun updating their software and hardware systems in line with the latest solutions.

Switzerland Global Enterprise, also known as S-GE, is an organization dedicated to supporting Swiss small to medium-sized businesses and their expansion into international countries, whether that’s new or existing markets. Some of the organizations focus lies in AI, robotics, personalized health, computer sciences, life sciences, and blockchain.

S-GE is a non-profit organization that provides information on services, contacts, and innovative foreign companies in 31 different companies. These Swiss business hubs are located across Europe, as well as other continents across the globe. Eastern European countries like Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia are particularly appealing due to the high levels of IT education, the dedication to excellent service and the proficiency in English. These three core skills, combined with an ideal geographical location make Eastern Europe an ideal location for partnerships.

SMEs in Switzerland were able to accelerate the digital transformation and the IT resources have now reached full capacity. So, what’s the next step? This webinar is going to delve into the opportunities in Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. We will be able to take a look at the ICT landscape and learn crucial information for Swiss ICT companies, Startups, and SMEs with digital strategies that are interested in creating new partnerships and expanding.

Webinar Program

We are counting down the days now until the 19th of November, when all those interested can join the online webinar. Here is what we can expect:

11 am- The Webinar kicks off with a short introduction by Katalin Dreher, a Senior Consultant at Switzerland Global Enterprise for Central Eastern Europe.

11.05 am- We are very much looking forward to hearing from Moe Jame, CEO & Founder of Team Extension SRL. He will be presenting a case study on successful collaborations along with:

  • Todar Gigilev, CEO of Dreamix
  • Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO & Co-founder of PRYV SA
  • Philipp Gort, Managing Director of Namics d.o.o Belgrade

11.35 am- The panel discussion begins with talks about success factors in Bulgaria, Romania, and Servia, such as wages and the talent pool. Panel members include:

  • Stela Tocheva, EMEA Sales Director of MODIS
  • Cosmin Duma, Team Leader at IBM Romania
  • Majo Micovic, General Manager of Sky Express d.o.o.

11.50 am- After a 10-minute Q&A session, the webinar will finish at 12 pm.

Switzerland Global Enterprise has some amazing partners including AXA and Credit Suisse. This is one hour full of valuable information and networking opportunities. If you would like to register for free, you can click on the following registration link.