Team Extension is at the top of its game in software development and recognizes the changing landscape in global markets today. The team understands that since the COVID-19 pandemic started, there is a high and obvious increase in the demand for e-commerce development.

Brick-and-mortar stores that previously only commit to physical transactions are now looking for solutions to migrate their businesses online. When they only target local markets before, they are now moving to an online presence to expand their reach. It is a common understanding among entrepreneurs that this move is a means of survival for their business.

“Our mission at Team Extension is simple: We provide your business with top eCommerce developers to help you grow. We handle the technical part, so you can focus on your business,” a Team Extension representative stated.

Team Extension is a company of highly qualified developers who possess a wide spectrum of computer and software skills, including numerous programming languages and UX/UI design. The team provides engineers, programmers, software architects, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and consultants in Eastern Europe who are best at what they do.

Hiring developers from Eastern Europe is a strategic move for any company. When it comes to IT and software development, Eastern Europe is outstanding. Part of the reasons why it is so ideal are excellent software developers, fast internet, and skillful employees who are used to communicating in perfect English.

Team Extension utilizes the nearshore model, which also means outsourcing locations near primary markets. This applies to the Eastern European countries and the Western European countries. The team chooses this model for its many client advantages, including proximity and time zone, cost savings, ease of customization in connection with projects, and protection of customers’ IP.

Working with the company is simple, interested clients will only have to create an account, choose the skill or developer they want for their business, and pay a deposit to book the software developer they’ve selected, and show commitment to the team. After this process, the clients can have an exclusive developer who works on their project. As the business grows, the clients have the option to add more developers to their team.

Team Extension works with large and small companies as well as start-ups. They possess skills and experience in drones and robotics, wearables, virtual reality, internet security, autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, internet of things, mobile application development, desktop and cloud-based applications, and more. More information can be found at

About Team Extension

Team Extension was established in 2008. The company now has more than 60 passionate employees and continues to secure the best developers the market has to offer.