Lately, software development outsourcing to Eastern Europe has turned into a topic that interests both startups and global enterprises. IT outsourcing is a convenient and profitable way to upgrade your business processes. Here, in this article, we are going to share the main reasons why you should outsource your software development in Eastern Europe.

Today, Eastern Europe is developing at the speed of light, which has resulted in an outbreak of innovative specialists in different industries, among which tech professionals really stand out.

In recent time, Eastern Europe has become one of the best places where the world looks up to for outsourcing. It is no longer news that most of the software engineering companies in the region produced efficient software development outsourcing services.

Going by this, the Ukrainian IT industry grows by 11-26% annually. 18 Ukrainian tech companies are included in the current annual ranking for the best supplier of IT services in the world.

Poland is believed to accommodate over 40 % of all outsourcing R&D centers in Eastern Europe. It has really contributed to the IT sector by 8.6 % per annum.

Bulgaria IT occupied 20 % of the Bulgarian outsourcing industry owing to 24000 specialists that work in 400 IT companies.

Hungary IT industry contributed 10 % to the country annual GDP. The IT workers amount to over 15000 of whom most of them reside in the major cities such as Budapest and Belarus. The IT sector contributes about 1.5 % to the  GDP.

Romania IT sector contributes about 8 % of the country’s GDP. There are about 95000 IT specialist in Romania.

The Czech Republic, the IT sector in Czech contribute 13 billion into the country annual revenue. There are over 180 service companies and R& D centers in the Czech Republic.

Wide Tech Expertise and A Comprehensive Skill Set

Research conducted of late has shown that there is an increasing number of developers with relevant and germane knowledge in important programming languages. However, it has been established that PHP is the most popular language in Eastern Europe. With top-notch developers with good grip on Python and Java.

In fact, according to Hacker Rack, Poland scored first in Java, Hungary in the tutorial, The Czech Republic in shell and Ukraine in security. In view of this, it is believed that Ukraine is a dab-hand at web development, game development, and VR, Poland is known for IT-BPM services, while Hungary and Bulgaria are BPO centers with a good reputation for software development like antivirus and IT security.

Based on labor costs alone, companies outsourcing software development to the Eastern Europe region manage to save up to 50 percent, according to  AT Kearney principal Johan Gott.

Outsourcing to a cheap destination such as Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Kyiv (Ukraine), Budapest (Hungary), etc. might be a straight road to your leading position in the niche of your choice.

IT outsourcing to Eastern Europe has proved to be a great way to achieve the success you aim for.